Advantages of Fast Check (Allergy Blood Test)

FastCheckPOC® is made in Germany, has 3 main characteristics:

Reliable, Efficient and Comprehensive


FastCheckPOC® can confirm the presence of frequently occurring allergies without blood taking! Only a pin prick is needed, and the test report can be collected on the other day.


FastCheckPOC ® 20 can screen for a total of 35 food and inhalation allergens, in which it covers >90% of the most predominant allergies in HONG KONG.

FastCheckPOC ® can screen for a total of 24 food allergens.


FastCheckPOC® has been obtained ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 accreditation, and its sensitivity and specificity are comparable to the Gold Standard.

Food allergy test
Correlation = ≥ 95%

Inhalation allergy test
Correlation = ≥ 93%

*Gold Standard allergy test needs to collect more blood from children and is expensive.

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